2014-01-17 LD_LIBRARY_PATH shouldn't contain the current directory

I am trying to build a self-contain GLIBC 2.7. It shows following error when I run configure

checking whether ranlib is necessary... no
checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable... contains current directory
configure: error:
*** LD_LIBRARY_PATH shouldn't contain the current directory when
*** building glibc. Please change the environment variable
*** and run configure again.



The error message complains that LD_LIBRARY_PATH contain the current directory. However my LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't contain any "current directory". Actually, it's caused by the path seperate character ":" instead of "current directory". If you search LD_LIBRARY_PATH in configure, you will find this comments

# Test if LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains the notation for the current directory
# since this would lead to problems installing/building glibc.
# LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains the current directory if one of the following
# is true:
# - one of the terminals (":" and ";") is the first or last sign
# - two terminals occur directly after each other
# - the path contains an element with a dot in it

Which means, The LD_LIBRARY_PATH can not start or end with character ":".

So this issue can be fixed by removing the last ':' character in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

解决办法就是,去掉 LD_LIBRARY_PATH 最后的那个路径分隔符':'.